Digital Marketing

Multi channel communications to push and pull people in the right direction, create engaging content to keep servicing the customer.

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Print Design

Telling a story or want to get the message across, this should provoke a reaction and get your audience thinking about what you are saying.

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Web Design

A website that is user friendly and brings people back, with engaging content for all to see and share. This is what makes a well designed website!

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Marketing Communication Specialist

Based in Cambridge specialising in design, marketing, branding, advertising, logos, corporate identity and HTML emails.

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About me

The Ronnie Moore Years.

A recent publications I design and layout, an incredible stories from behind the scenes at RUFC. Emails

A project I worked on at, was to redesign the email template from concept through to competition.

InterFocus Brochure

A recent sales brochure I have completed including copy, layout and design.

My name is David Marshall and I am a marketing communications specialist based in Cambridge. I have over 10 years experience working in both agency and commercial environments, marketing for web and print. I have experience of marketing communication for both internal and external customers.

During this time I have worked in companies such as Rakuten and Welding Alloys Group on brands such as Sony, EA and Lego, getting involved in all aspects of marketing to help drive and push brand awareness.

I also undertake freelance work when required and have worked on several projects over the years, most of these can be found in my portfolio which also show cases recent work by employment.