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I can't praise you enough for how good it looks, so a massive thanks and well done on that. As well as the content people have told me they really like how it looks. It's amazing and has probably earned me plenty of sales just from just the cover.

Then the website as well has it made so much easier for me to sell efficiently and cost-effectively too and has been a great promotional tool. It's been a great effort all-round and I wouldn't have been able to do it without your help! So thanks a lot. Hopefully you're as proud of it as I am!

Jonathan Veal (Author), The Ronnie Moore Years

They might take forever to film but I can assure you, having seen a variety of non-Pico videos on YouTube, that the end result is well worth it: they are clearly professionally made videos, and so far they have not left me with any follow-up questions. More to the point, having watched the video, I feel I have all the knowledge I need to go out and do the job with confidence.

Most importantly, David lets the videos speak for themselves i.e. thankfully no fanfares or pop music to hype the viewer up into thinking they are about to experience a life-changing event.

Martin Rubenstein

David did a fantastic job on the book.

His creativity and hard work made the finished article even better than I could have imagined, the feedback from people who have bought a copy has been amazing. The consensus is that the layout is just as good as the content, and I agree.

We will definitely work together again.

Russell Greaves (Author) CUFC 100 years